Publication: Printing Industry Environmental Snapshot - Printing Industries of America's Annual Technology Forecast

LAW’s Mark Hammond and Joanna Waldron co-authored the article “Printing Industry Environmental Snapshot” for Printing Industries of America: The Magazine. In the article, they predicted future environmentally related legislative and regulatory changes and how these changes might impact the printing industry. The authors point out that in this presidential campaign season, an update to the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) is perhaps the only environmental legislation that Congress is poised to tackle successfully. The TSCA regulates whether (and sometimes how) chemicals may be used in the United States.

Hammond and Waldron discuss how the proposed Clean Power Plan, the central pillar of the Obama administration’s Climate Action Plan, would fundamentally change how the U.S. produces and consumes energy. They state, “Climate change pressures will impact the regulated industry with high energy prices and increased sustainability requirements.” The authors also touch on the impact on printing industry of climate change concerns, supply chain management, and chemical regulations.

This is the 16th year that LAW’s attorneys have authored the Environmental Issues article for this nationally distributed magazine.


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