LAW’s Mark C. Hammond to be a Featured Speaker on Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment

Mark C. Hammond of Land Air Water Legal Solutions (LAW) will be among a distinguished panel of speakers discussing the recent landmark decision in Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation v. Wolf, in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reinterpreted the Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution.  The Amendment now calls for the government to conduct an assessment of the effect a governmental action will have on the values of the environmental before the government acts.  The government may not act if the effect would be unreasonable.  And, the government must act as a trustee of the Commonwealth’s public natural resources.  Mark will explain the origins of the public trust doctrine and contrast it to the obligations imposed under the Environmental Rights Amendment, including application in practice.   Mark will discuss what it means to be a trustee of public natural resources, including the degree of development that may be allowed under the Environmental Rights Amendment and other issues relating to the identity of the trustees and the extent of their obligations and authority.  

The conference, which will be held on December 5th in Mechanicsburg, is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

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