Audits & Investigations

One of the most effective ways to verify operation compliance is to undertake compliance audits and inspections. Additionally, after an incident of noncompliance or an accident it may be necessary to perform an investigation to determine root cause and uncover unidentified areas of noncompliance. The combination of strong technical backgrounds and thorough understanding of environmental laws and regulations uniquely positions Land Air Water Legal Solutions LLC to assist our clients with compliance audits and post incident investigations.

Our lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients in conducting voluntary internal investigations and environmental audits. In response to government triggers, our lawyers have assisted clients in conducting mandatory investigations to identify compliance issues and areas in need of corrective action. The lawyers at Land Air Water Legal Solutions LLC can identify and manage outside consultants to assist in providing specialized services connected with identifying compliance deficiencies and developing and implementing corrective actions. Our lawyers are skilled at reporting to and negotiating and communicating with regulatory agencies during and after audits and investigations as needed, all while remaining mindful of the need to assist clients in maintaining seamless business operations.