Sustainability & Emerging Issues

Today’s emerging issues include renewable energy, sustainability, and “green” marketing claims. The attorneys at Land Air Water Legal Solutions LLC have represented clients in a number of negotiations for sale/purchase of renewable energy credits ("RECS"), solar RECS, and carbon credits (voluntary market). We help our clients develop renewable energy projects, and we counsel organizations on climate change legislation and regulatory efforts, frequently commenting and testifying at public meetings and hearings on our clients’ behalf. We have represented client coalitions in the implementation of the recent Pennsylvania Climate Change legislation, as well as several other new legislative and regulatory initiatives regarding climate change.

We also have assisted clients in a variety of contexts pertaining to sustainability, including assistance with marketing programs that comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Green Guides,” which regulate environmental marketing claims; developing and communicating sustainability metrics in business-to-business and consumer communications; and, compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

We regularly advise clients on US EPA’s greenhouse gas emission reporting rule, and we are currently immersed in several clients’ projects that intersect with the Tailoring Rule, which applies to air permitting issues arising from the US EPA’s response to the Mass. v. US EPA Supreme Court decision.