Energy consumption and generation are becoming increasingly important. Varied forms of renewable energy are vying with more traditional forms of energy generation for funding, permitting and attention. We provide energy clients with practical and strategic counsel on all environmental issues that touch on energy generation, including permitting, land use, enforcement regulatory compliance and transactional matters. When necessary, we litigate on behalf of our clients.

We represent clients involved in almost every facet of conventional and renewable energy generation. Our assistance may be called upon for a relatively simple project, such as a one-engine landfill gas project, or a complex and controversial project, such as a nuclear power plant, or a solar or wind farm over a closed municipal waste landfill.

Our lawyers have assisted clients with the development of waste coal, solar, biomass, landfill gas, fuel cell, and biofuel projects. They have negotiated engineering, procurement and construction agreements, as well as power purchase agreements and related instruments. We also have negotiated a number of renewable energy credits, voluntary carbon credits and PA alternative energy credit agreements. We represent hosts, developers, and technology providers.